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Tanzania is home to some of the most incredible tribal diversity in Africa. The country includes all of the major ethnic and linguistic groups on the continent an amazingly varied population to inhabit a single country. Also is home to approximately 120 tribal groups. Cultural safaris consists of several days staying with local gust houses, eating local ethnic food and absorbing the culture of the people who have lived within the area for years.

The Hadza

The Maasai
The Maasai:
The Masaai are the most well known of Tanzania’s tribes and inhabit the northern regions of the country. Pastoralists who fiercely guard their culture and traditions, Masaai tribal life revolves around protecting and caring for their herds of cattle and finding ample grazing land in their region. The tribes live in circular enclosures called manyatas, where small mud huts surround a secure open circle where their cattle and other herd animals sleep protected during the night.

The Hadzabe:
The Hadzabe are a small, but ancient community who live near Lake Eyasi in northwestern Tanzania, south of the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. They are one of the few remaining cultures still using a language containing clicks. Hadzabe men are excellent bow hunters, utilizing giraffe tendons and strong poison in their hunting. Known as hunter-gatherers, they live off roots, berries, fruits and the bounty of hunting animals like baboons, dik dik, antelope and gazelle. And they are musical people, enjoying song and dance as a core part of their lives.

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